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Meeting List for District 24
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(5) Meetings on Sunday
DayTime Town MeetingLocationAddressType
Sun 9:00 A   Concord  Concord Sunday Morning Cheney Conf Rm Emerson Hospital Rt 2 OSB
Sun 10:15 A   Concord  Where the Rubber Meets the Road North 5 Emerson Hospital Rt 2 OS
Sun 5:00 P   Maynard  Maynard Now (w) Eagles Hall 65 Nason St OGV
Sun 11:00 A   Stow  Stow Sunday (w) Old Town Hall 375 Great Rd. OSB
Sun 7:30 P   Sudbury  Sudbury Sunday Night (w) First Parish Ch. 327 Concord Rd. OS